Audible Review: The Locked Ward:

The Locked Ward: The Memoir of a Psychiatric Orderly is read by the writer Dennis O'Donnell, before going into this review, a word of caution - I have seen a lot of people on GoodReads complain about the man's accent and his sense of humour - he has a Glaswegian accent, and his humour is … Continue reading Audible Review: The Locked Ward:


Book Review: The Art of Feeling

The Art of Feeling is a cliche coming of age LGBT story about Claire, who moves from Brooklyn to to Astoria, where her mother was born and raised and had always hoped they would go back to.  It is a bittersweet return as Claire's mother passed away, so it is just her and her dad … Continue reading Book Review: The Art of Feeling

Audible Review: Black Tudor’s; The Untold Story

Black Tudors: The Untold Story is written by Miranda Kaufann and read by Corrie James.  The book focuses on the history of African's who were living, in Tudor England and the interesting stories that revolve around them; A black porter publicly whips a white English gentleman in a Gloucestershire manor house. A heavily pregnant African woman … Continue reading Audible Review: Black Tudor’s; The Untold Story