Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It’s finally here, the end is neigh and I am not ready for this to end at all.  Like we have – I have – gone through all of these books, seen these characters: Harry, Hermione and Ron, evolve and adapt and grow up, as well as viewing other characters that also become more than they were to begin with; Neville, Ginny, Fred and George, along with Draco Malfoy.

I know, the latter part is a surprise… well maybe not if you read the last book.  However in this we are coming to the end of the series, this is the book that we will be saying goodbye to these characters until we/I return to read this series again.

So in book seven we have the adventure of the seven Harry Potter’s – I might be alone in thinking ‘Well done J.K, well done.’  also… just check out this scene.

The final book is the one where you realise that the sprinkling of deaths in the last few books were nothing compared to this, just a warning to those who haven’t read this book yet – although would you be reading this review if you haven’t? So if you want to be prepared for your feels to be attacked viciously every so often, just keep a packet/box of tissues near you.


Now we have the final end of it all, with Harry believing what Dumbledore told him in the last book – before Dumbledore fell – that he and Voldemort must both die to let the wizarding world be safe.  However Dumbledore has shown that he has other meanings to his words, and somehow expects Harry of read past them.  Forgetting that although Harry has been surviving the revival of Voldemort for the past few years that doesn’t mean the pressure should be put on a 17 year old – granted at the time he was only 16.

We also see how much the trio have changed since the first book, and they have changed, Ron has gotten taller – in the books Ron was a tall gangly boy as he grew, while Fred and George were more stocky – however although he wants to be there for his friends; and he has proven that he does regard Harry and Hermione highly after all he has done alongside them, this adventure of their’s is one that just… he isn’t mentally prepared for.  And it’s not surprising, there is a lot of hardships that the trio were taking on by not going back to school, he was away from his family, and the one thing that I have noticed about the Weasley clan is that family is so important.  Whereas Hermione is an only child, she seems to be more able to deal with the stress that came from being on the run and looking for the Horcruxes, this could be due to Ron always having his family around him regardless of what is going on whereas Hermione didn’t always have that luxury.  This once again highlights the relationship between Hermione and Harry – am sure some people ship the pair of them together too – but Ron did eventually return after all the adventures the pair had been up to, as well as Doby, who sadly wasn’t around for too long.

We learn a few other things in regards to other secondary characters in the novel, like for example Dumbledore and his family; he had a sister and his brother ran one of the pubs at Hogsmeade! Like how was that kept a secret? Why was it kept underwraps? This is also the novel where J.K let it slip that Dumbledore is gay, and you could read between the lines that he was gay… I have thoughts, and feelings about that and I am probably going to make a little post to chat about stuff from this series.

Finally we have the climatic ending, the final battle that would come to a head at all the places the school.

Dramatic, heart wrenching, jeebus the characters who leave us… my feels were just not wanting to accept all that happened in that battle.

I did really, really enjoy Molly Weasley and Bellatrix duel.  We were fully aware that Bellatrix was amazing at her spells, that many people in the wizarding world fear her because of how strong her magic is and yet here she is against Molly Weasley, a woman who isn’t regarded with fear, in fact she’s not really given much thought, we don’t even know how good she is in regards to dueling and here she is, going against Bellatrix because she knew her daughter and the other’s wouldn’t stand a chance against her.  She wasn’t fueled by hate to win or to prove herself to someone who doesn’t regard her that highly – like Bellatrix has done for Voldemort – she is protecting her children, in fact possibly she sees herself as protecting the children.  I doubt it would have mattered to her if the students Bellatrix was fighting weren’t her own, Molly is protective of children in general and she would protect them with all that she has because she’s a good woman, because that’s who she is, a mother.

The finale between Harry and Voldemort was pretty awesome too, but Molly vs Bellatrix was just… amazing.  I did like how Harry showed how mature he was, how he managed to press down his fear, to overcome the odds once he figured things out and once more overwhelmed Voldemort in a game that the Dark Lord didn’t even know the rules to.

Loki Ohh

The series is just… it’s epic and it’s not one that will just go away, this is something that will stay with people, and continue to bring new children/teens/adults into the fold due to the amazing characters, interesting stories and feels that you get throughout it all.

Would I recommend it to people? Well yea, it’s an enjoyable series and it’s at a good pace, there isn’t too much going that you run the risk of forgetting what happened in the last book, yet there is plenty of detail to grab your interest.

Given that the book became popular when they were being published, young teens/ children won’t get the same feeling of growing up with the characters, that could alter the experience and might make some adults weary of letting younger kids read the books.  Maybe read the books yourself first and then see if you want them to read them? Either way this is a must read series for most reading addicts.





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