Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  This is probably going to be one right in the feels, give or take how you feel about certain characters.

The title is actually a little bit unusual, unlike the other novels where the second part of the title played a major role in the story, this one doesn’t.  In fact it’s not always focuses upon throughout the book, in fact it just flutters in and out.

However this book also helps delve more into the relationship between Harry and Dumbledore, with the latter essentially helping Harry work on his… well I suppose you could say to go forth in the role that he needs to full fill against Voldemort.  There is another story going on behind in regards to Draco Malfoy and how Harry is suspicious about him.

Over all it’s a decent novel, we are also introduced to Professor Slughorn, a teacher who also taught Harry’s parents – and for once we get to hear of someone praising Lily! We also get a little bit more of insight to Dumbledore, with Harry finding that the Dumbledore that he knew before might just have been a mask with this one that he has been learning from in regards to his own fate is and Dumbledore is not going to sugar coat anything this time.

Now over the time of the series you will either be a big fan of Dumbledore or you will be questioning everything that he has been up to up to this point – in fact maybe even more.

It’s a bit of a slower paced novel, considering the action and thrills that happened in the previous novels, but there is still things here that should be kept to mind in regards to the next book, and twist the happened at the end is pretty impressive.

It’s an interesting read, bringing certain things from the other books, particularly in regards to Snape where we learn a little bit more about him that isn’t just about how much he hated Harry’s dad, but what his own skills were – although we never got that reveal until the end of the book.

It was also interesting that Harry had a feeling about Draco, which everyone pushed aside and told him that he was worried over nothing, even though the truth of the matter was Dumbledore was fully aware of it.

I am not a big Dumbledore fan, he does seem to just be moulding Harry for war, to not even let him live his own life and be a student of the school, and for a man who claims that he knows everything that goes on in the building – a pretty big claim I think we can all agree on – he really doesn’t know that much about what is happening in his school.

I am a bit upset that it is the next book will be the end of the series.  It’s been a great read, I have enjoyed frolicking through these books and seeing things that I probably never noticed the first time I read them.


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