Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

harry potter and the goblet of fire

The fourth book of the Harry Potter series and the one where it makes more of an impact that the last three books.  Once more there will be spoilers so for anyone who hasn’t read the books.

Harry Potter is still one of the most unusual teens, he’s actually looking forward to returning to school after the summer, but this year someone really has it out for him, and he’ll find himself in a competition that he shouldn’t have been in to begin with.

The Goblet of Fire is more intense than the last three books, but those books gave us the build up and the dramatic reveal in regards to Voldemort and his appearance was just… my feels are still all over the place.

Of course we also see the close bond Harry has with Ron and Hermione, although he will always be closer to Ron for a variety of reasons, so when the fall out happened between the pair of them, you could tell the strain the it had on Hermione and how lost Harry was without his best friend.  It is also telling on Ron, who is generally insecure about how his family don’t have a lot of money in comparison to Harry, and how he’s envious of his friend of it, but this also means that he is very insecure in regards to certain topics about Harry.  Bad enough that he has three older brothers who excelled in school, never mind two brother’s who are constantly able to get their parents attention due to their antics, while he doesn’t have the same level of skill and humour, so he feels like he is stuck in their shadows, which is understandable, but you kind of feel like after knowing Harry for so long, for knowing that Harry doesn’t know much about the wizarding world, he would understand that his best friend wouldn’t try to get more lime light than he already has.

Once again we also see how well the three of them work together, Hermione being smart and organised, figuring things out, Ron supportive (after that little hang-up at the start of the book) and then Harry who somehow impresses upon people when he also helps them out during the competition, the other competitors warm up to him and see how loyal and brave he is for trying to do the right thing through it, even though he is younger than they all are and using magic that he really shouldn’t know.

We are also introduced to the House Elf’s of Hogwarts, and a new focus of Winky, and with all this new information about these house elf’s put Hermione into act to get them set free.  For anyone who was wanting more information about these creatures, this book gives a little bit more information, and here we also have Dobby’s grand return.

There was also two new schools that were introduced, although not much information was given about them.  Though you do have to wonder; is there actually only three wizarding schools in Europe? Or were those the only schools willing to take part? Not all wizards in the UK could go to Hogwarts could they? Although a magic school they would still have to have some kind of limit to their classes.  And do they also have houses like Hogwarts?

Finally we get to know a little bit more about Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff who beat the Griffindor team at Quidditch in the last book.  Although the information is slim, we do know he is fairly smart, he enjoys a challenge and he likes things to be fair.

This is the book that most people should be looking forward to, the first three books were the build up to this moment, and then when the dramatic moment happened? Harry was the only one to see it, and worse than that, he had the risk of no one believing him when he returned to tell them the truth of what happened and that Voldemort had not only returned, but was back to full strength.

And here’s a few questions to end this book: would you have put your name down in the Goblet of Fire if you were of age? And would you be part of S.P.E.W?


One thought on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. Hmmm, let’s see the risk to reward ratio. If I remember correctly, kids battle it out (and the tournament had a history of being deadly) and receive the reward of being a champion of the schools……..Nah it’s not worth it lol. I’m competitive, but not risk my life competitive haha. I wouldn’t be a part of S.P.E.W., but I would openly support it.

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