Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

The third in the Harry Potter Series, once again Spoiler Warning.

Here we find Harry in his third year at Hogwarts, but before he goes, he has a run in with his Uncles Sister that results in his running away from home and discovering the Knight Bus, a bus that picks up stranded witches and wizards from where ever they are in the country.  This is also where he learns of a prisoner who has escaped the infamous wizards prison Azkaban, as well as meeting a Hippogriff and the well known/feared Dementors.

There is a lot happening in this book, new characters, Hermione acting oddly – she has loads of classes! – this one brings us to the most important new character – there is two but he’s in the book for longer – Remus Lupin the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.  Remus is a man who is quiet by nature, but that doesn’t mean he’s a walk over, if anything his knowledge in the Dark Arts and how to defend against them is the best thing to come to Harry and the rest of his year.  With creatures known as Bogarts, they learn to vanquish them before going on to other fun things that could cause trouble for them.

With a prisoner on the lose, a Sirius Black, whom everyone believes is coming after Harry, the school is on guard, even though Harry doesn’t really know why.

This is where the series gets into motion into Harry’s dad’s background, who Sirius Black really is and how he relates to Remus, and the Map Harry was given by Fred and George Weasley, along with some new spells for Harry to use against the Dementors.

Also the cover is amazing.  Love the fact it’s supposed to represent Azkaban and yet it also looks like a wolf howling at the moon. I have to say it’s my favourite of the covers right now.

It’s a fun frolic that builds up the speed to where everything should go in regards to the next few books.  Not to say the last two books weren’t exciting, but this book had far more drama, more tension and risks involved were greater, considering what was on the line.

Time-Turner or Animagus? Which would you prefer to have?


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