Book Review: Chasing Paris

Chasing Paris

Chasing Paris focuses on a girl called Amy, who lives in California with her sister, who learns that her grandmother has past away; awkward moment being is that this woman doesn’t have the same name as her grandmother, in fact she has never heard of her before! However their father explains that her biological grandmother Elizabeth, their mother’s mother, abandoned her mother and siblings when they were still children, and to not speak to their mother about her.

Amy is the curious sister, she wants to know more about this woman that she has heard nothing about, that was kept from her and why they shouldn’t talk about her, as well as why did she leave her mother?

There is also an interwoven story in regards to a boy who searched for Amy to return her book that she never meant to give away.

The story sounds like it should be interesting, however the book is only 263 pages, so there is very little character development in regards to all the characters that were placed in this story.  In fact none of the characters felt like they could be real, it did feel like I was reading a very basic story, with flat characters and no real characteristics.

I should have been rooting for Amy, hoping that she found the answers that she was after, I should have been eager to learn the story about Elizabeth and yet I found Amy was boring – she has no friends aside from her sister – and Elizabeth was just boring, moaning and whiny.

I was glad the story finished and also surprised when I learned that the characters in this book would also be making appearances in another book of the authors that take place in the same area.

If you are wanting a light read, this would be an okay read, but if you want characters to be interesting and also a light read, avoid.  It’s not worth the space on your Kindle.


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