Non-Fiction: Eating Animals

Eating Animals

Eating Animals is – you probably guessed it – a man’s look into the meat industry in the US, although I did like Foer talked about the difference in the UK in regards to certain practices, but it wasn’t much of a major difference.

So is this book proclaiming that meat eaters are the bane of the world, that everyone should go vegan?

Actually that’s where we are taking a totally different route.  Foer starts the book to talk about himself, how he has tried in the past to be vegetarian because he was aware of the problems in regards to the meat industry but he kept falling off the wagon as it were.  There is also the instance of him bringing up his grandmother and her own troubles due to the war and this in turn changed her own relationship with food, which was passed down the family.

The book isn’t shocking in regards to how the food is made, we have heard of it before and there are countless videos on YouTube if we decided to look into those channels, but Foer actually goes into these places, farms that are not part of the big industrial meat industry, and farms that are, along with people who are against the meat industry as a whole and those who are trying to be part of it to try and make it less cruel – because can the meat industry really not be cruel?

The book puts into perspective each account in regards to the meat industry and Foer discusses his own relationship with meat, as well as seeing why his own grandmother treated food the way she did.

It also puts into perspective the relationship the reader has with meat, and in a sense question the food industry as a whole.

Foer doesn’t just talk about the meat industry as a whole, he puts it into sections, so we have a sections about pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows and fish, so it makes it easier for the reader to understand how each section of the industry works and the different ways the animals are treated.  There is no holding back in this either, so there is no edited version in regards to the animals being treated or abused in this, Foer is wanting the reader to be aware of exactly what can and most likely does go on in these factories and not just little details, but everything that you could see on YouTube videos or other news outlets.

Would this be one that everyone should read regardless of where there standing is in the relationship with meat? I would say so, the reading is enlightening, it makes you think and consider everything in regards to the meat industry and how/why we eat as much as we do.

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