Book Review: Daughter of Time


Daughter of Time is the prequel of the After Cilmeri series, it’s not required reading but I do get the feeling that it might be a novel that some readers of the series might like to read at some point, even to just get a basic foundation of the world the author has created.

The novel focuses on Meg, a young widow who is going through the pain of her former partner – and father of her two year old daughter – who had passed away. This isn’t just her mourning his passing, but also mourning what she has lost through the failed relationship she had with him; though not regretting her daughter.  Later she takes her daughter to an ice cream parlour only to find herself and her daughter transported in time. No longer in America, they have gone back to Wales in the Middle ages and meet up a Welsh Prince who might help Meg mend her shattered heart.

The novel is very much a time travel romance, which also feels like it could almost be a Mills and Boon book if there was more sex involved.

My one grip is the romance between Meg and Llywelyn is it happened quickly, too quickly when you consider that Meg came from the mid-1990’sand Llywelyn is from the Middle Ages, so really he probably had more of a right to be weary of her for longer than he was.  Along with that there were times when it felt like Meg forgot about her daughter, certain scenes were had and it made me question if the author just had Anna – the two year old daughter – there to make the readers feel sorry for Meg, possibly pity her, or even to make her seem more trustworthy to Llywelyn and his men.

Also the amount of time that goes by and the attraction between the two doesn’t seem real. Along with the historical problems, but I will leave that to other readers to question.

It’s not a bad novel to read, but it’s not really the best thought out in regards to romance.  There is also a little chapter for the next book which does look rather interesting, but I suspect it will also have this fast romance that doesn’t float my own boat.

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