Book Review: The Loneliest Alpha

Loneliest Alpha

The Loneliest Alpha focuses about Alicia Clarkson, a lingerie designer who finds herself being sent to another pack after trying to protect another pack-mate, not realising that her pack are trying to help find the MacKellen pack’s Alpha a mate.  Being a stubborn person and not wanting to stay part of this scheme any longer than she has to, she tries to escape she catches the attention of the mysterious Alpha of this pack.  She learns that Gavin MacKellen isn’t exactly the most revealing of men, keeping his face hidden with a hat due to some damage he got some months ago that has disfigured him.  After trying to escape once more, they finally come to an agreement, 30 days together, to get to know each other and see if anything between them would direct them to being mates and Alicia being the Queen of the pack.

It’s a romance, chicklit, with a sprinkle of erotica and barely any supernatural elements.

Yes, a werewolf romance with no supernatural in it at all.

I kept forgetting that they were actual werewolves, there wasn’t really any kind of links to the werewolf tropes- although that could be a good thing, but since it was so loosely tied in with this story it’s not really that interesting and it felt like the author really didn’t care that much in regards to the supernatural, merely using it and the whole pack idea to make this story.

The romance element between Alicia and Gavin was very… odd.

Gavin seems to be portrayed as a good all round American man, he’s got some sense of honour and decency – if we ignore the whole having single women from other packs be brought to his pack to see if they would be the Queen to his own pack – he’s just so boring, he’s insecure about his face; the incident that happened about 4 months previous in this book and keeps his face hidden with his hat.  Oh and he’s toned and muscular, because this is a chicklit romance novel it’s a good way to cater to the audience.

Alicia is another one who seems  out of place.  She was looked down on in her former pack – we don’t learn why until well over half-way through the book – has her own business making lingerie and doesn’t seem to have any friends in her old pack.  She’s caring, but contradicting, she’s dull.  There is one moment in the book where she’s trying to be tactful – conversion hasn’t even begun yet – and she just comes out with the question right away.

The book is meant to take inspiration from Beauty and the Beast, which would work really well if say it was a human and a werewolf, instead of two werewolves who don’t really make any note in regard to being werewolves and the characters were so bland and boring, yet also they were so confusing.

It’s a grand book if you are interested in reading a book with a Beauty and the Beast vibe, romance with a sprinkle of erotica and you’d like it to be a light read, possibly a beach book.  For myself I would not be keeping this book on my Kindle.


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