Abandon Book: The Grand Tour: Four International Mysteries

I had no idea I would be doing another one of these so soon after the other, but here we are.  Hopefully this isn’t going to be a common theme on here.

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is a selection of novels that focus on murder mysteries.  The first two books are actually a series, the same main character who is just in a different situation.

Georgia Lee is a woman who decides to leave home after so many things go wrong in her life and to travel to France, Paris.  The problem is that she doesn’t know much French, she doesn’t have much of a chance to get a job and she isn’t going to be able to live a life that she is accustomed to in her native homeland, America, the state of Florida.  She’s essentially a fish out of water and yet when she finally finds a job to pay her bills she becomes a witness to a murder.  Given that she has a journalist father, she sniffs out a story – even though her French is still lacking and she doesn’t actually know that many people to make any real contacts about the case.  The plot is fine, the characters are fine, the murder mystery is fine, the only problem here is that everything is just fine.  It’s not thrilling, or exciting, there is no pulse racing or a demand to read the next chapter to find out what’s going to happen next.  Everything just plods along, possible just having a stroll towards the next chapter.

The second book, staring again Georgia Lee – I should add, in case anyone is wondering, that is her first name, and everyone calls her that.  I have no idea why everyone she meets calls her by her full first name, but they do – this time she is away from Paris, to be a ghost writer for a woman who might have, possibly, murdered her husband.  In the process Georgia finds herself doing a bit of investigation of her own to learn the truth since the family seems to be keeping secrets about many things the longer she is around them.  Again it’s bland, plodding along, although there is a smaller pool to figure out who the killer is in this one, but Georgia just comes across things by accident, she’s not being a crime journalist, everything she finds she keeps, even though that could cause a problem later on if it comes to court – granted this is based in the 80’s so perhaps criminal technology wasn’t that advanced in those days.  It was a fine read but it was simply something to read more than anything else.

The next two novels are separate, totally new characters in both of them and so many characters in them that you really don’t know who the main on is supposed to be.

Book three takes us to Italy, and we are introduced to a group of boring, rather repulsive selection of characters.  I managed to make some head way into this book, but I got tired of reading about each character – a group of 5 people – in their own chapter.  While I know and appreciate characters need negative traits, the majority of them had nothing else to really balance it out, like the author wanted the reader to vilify them, to question their motives.

The fourth and finally book I had tried to read, but I lost heart in the attempt after a few pages in.

The Grand Tour isn’t a bad book,  you might however be better off starting from book three, then four, then finally returning to the start of the book to be introduced to Georgia Lee.


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