Book Review: Neither Present Time

Neither Present Time

Neither Present Time is a LGBT romance novel that focuses on the present with Beryl – a woman who is taken for granted by her family and her girlfriend, although she doesn’t stand up for herself either.  When Beryl finds a book that has an inscription that appears to be from one lover to another she becomes determined to trace the owner and in the process she changes as a person in regards to everything else that happens in her life as well.

The tale of Cory and Helen falling in love and having to get through World War 2 apart is woven through out the book, and it is well done, there is no indicator that it has gone to their tale until you get into reading it, and the author doesn’t separate the stories of the present and the past, which meshes everything together so well.

The novel is a interesting read, it’s not amazing nor is it extremely different to novels in regards to what straight novels would be like.  I liked the relationship that was built between Beryl and Ridley – a former marine who was injured on patrol and still has trauma over it, both physical and mental – they started by working together in tragic circumstances, then become essentially best friends.  Personally I felt the novel could have focused more on the pair of them, of them dealing with their losses, Beryl still coming to terms with everything that has happened in her life and trying to be a stronger, more confident woman, while Ridley deals with the events in his life that caused him to be in a wheelchair.  This could just be due to my feeling like the romance in the novel between Aggie and Beryl felt too quick in regards to everything that Beryl has already gone through.

It’s a good historically based piece of fiction, the characters are fairly well fleshed out, I am a bit iffy with Cory who in the present is 92 years old and seems to be in complete good health and just knows what is going on without anyone else being aware of it.  This happens with a few other character’s as well, two characters even team up together as if reading each other’s thoughts and it just felt a bit too fake and not well thought out.  Regardless of that, it’s a beautiful piece of fiction and hopefully I can find more that is similar to it in the future.


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