Book Review: Ghostly Paws

Ghostly Paws

Ghostly Paws focuses on Wilhelmina Chance, a middle aged woman who has returned back to her home town after living down South as a crime journalist, coming back after an accident that has given her the ability to see and speak to ghosts.

Coming back home she settles into the way of life, running her deceased grandmother’s book shop and getting to know the locals again.  She finds the local Librarian dead at the bottom of the libraries stairs with some help from her cat Pandora.  With Wilhelmina’s background on being a crime journalist, and given that has a personal investment into the case, she decided to investigate herself, with ghosts helping her and her cat, plus friends attempting to help too.

The book is decent, though it could be better.  Willa is meant to have been a crime journalist and yet she gets things so wrong.  She was determined that one person was the guilty party until she learned from the police that it wasn’t the case.  There is also a romance with a Sheriff from the town over; although that was a very slow burn.

My one main gripe with this novel is that there doesn’t seem to be a target audience that the author is going for. A middle-aged woman who had previous experience with working in crime journalism should have been able to try to keep her options open for who could be the killer.

To me the story could have been a good story for young teenagers who want to read more mature books but still have that element of whimsical along with the cats., and just take out the flirting with the Sheriff and you would have a pretty fun young adult novel.

The book would be good for folks who like cosy murder mysteries, with a dash of supernatural, and add the element of cats talking to each other – maybe a splash of Animals of Farthing Wood?  – which made it seem a lot different from many of the other books  out there.

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