Abandon Book: Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead is the first novel in a series starring Fiona Griffiths, a young detective in Wales who is looking over the murder of a sex worker and her daughter, and how it links up to the death of a rich steel tycoon as his credit card was found on the screen.

I abandoned this novel after a few chapters, hence this semi-review.

The book is fine, the idea of there being so much more going on and Fiona figuring it out right near the start was a bit off-putting and out of place.  Fiona herself was a character that I couldn’t appreciate, I have read other reviews that there is a reveal at the end of the book that gives a bit more depth to her character, but I don’t think I will bother to continue on to read this to get to that part.  There isn’t a real spark in Fiona that makes her seem like an interesting character – not a friendly character that you could see yourself getting along with, just making the character interesting in some way – she just seemed so bland and dull, even with the little quirks that the author gave her, there was nothing to redeem the fact that the main character was sadly boring and lacking in any quality that could make her stand out and be someone that I personally would want to read about.

I have heard that the audio book is rather good, so perhaps I might actually get that instead, but for now?  I think am going to just leave this novel alone, it definetly wasn’t my cup of hot chocolate.


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