Book Review: Death of a Dapper Snowman

Death of a Dapper Snowman

Death of a Dapper Snowman is the first book in the series that focuses on Gift shop owner Stormy Day who comes across a body of her neighbour inside a well dressed snowman.

Finding herself drawn into the investigation, particularly when the police suspect her own father of the murder, Stormy does her own detective work, drawing on the experiences that her father told her when he worked in the police department.

It’s a fun read, with Stormy’s own life easily sliding into place with the whole mystery that is going on in regards to the murder, it flows so seamlessly in regards to the plot and doesn’t make it so jarring.

Do expect for the characters to have interesting names, Sunny and Stormy Day – sadly Stormy’s sister doesn’t make an appearance in this book.  And the cat on the cover is relevant to the plot, but isn’t intrusive in it, as is the potential love interest which I am grateful for, considering it’s a series the romance level can easily be paced out in every novel.

The final part about this novel, aside from it being  a cosy murder mystery, is that you don’t really know who the killer could be, you feel the same tension that Stormy feels. but you find yourself being more critical of the side characters too; because it could easily be anyone

This novel is a light read, but it’s also fun, with enjoyable characters and a good plot to keep it going.  If cosy murder mysteries are your thing and you want something with more character depth, this could rock your boat.


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