Book Review: Infinite Sacrifice


Infinite Sacrifice focuses on Maya, a woman who had expected when she passed away to be reunited with her loved one’s, only to find herself face to face with her guardian angel, who informs her that before she can move on she has to go through her past lives to see what she has learnt, and if she needs to be sent back to learn more or not.

The premise of this book is good, but the stories are all short stories about each of these lives Maya returns to, the characters are vaguely interesting, but because the author isn’t letting themselves get too far into the story – because there are a lot of lives to cover – everything is very basic, the most important character is Maya and each of her past incarnations, but each one should be different and there didn’t feel like she was that different in each life – except the Egyptian Priest which was dramatic in its self – the stories were interesting but there was nothing to really grasp at.  In fact when Maya returned to the limbo where her guardian angel was waiting, she just said the one thing she learnt form those past lives and that was it.

The idea of this is good, and many faiths, along with those who believe in angels and the like believe this does happen, but reading it as it was in the book was rather dull and fairly bland since the reader could tell what was going to happen next.  Given that this is a series – because more past lives to be seen – the author could have spent more time on certain lives that would bring out more lessons and left other’s as they were.  Not just to connect more with Maya, but the other side characters as well and give them more depth.

As it is, the novel is good, and I am glad I read it, but I wouldn’t want to read the next book in the series.

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