Book Review: You’re Not Going That Way


I think February has become a RoAnna Sylver appreciation month on here.  You Are Not Going That Way is the 3rd novelette in regards to Chameleon Moon, essentially to give the fans of book one that little bit more, that taste of Parole and the reminder that Sylver appreciates her audience/fans and these novelettes are her way of letting people remember the general idea and plot of Chameleon Moon.

You’re Not Going That Way, I think I will shorten this to YNGTW, focuses on characters that we met in the last selection of short stories, so you will need to have read not only the main novel, but also the selection of short stories Life Within Parole.

Ash and Annie have escaped Parole after it’s collapse, they aren’t merely running away however, they are going out to find the one person who could save everyone who is still trapped within Parole, as well as hoping they find those friends who have also escaped Parole.

Of course this isn’t an easy time, the pair are being hunted down by soldiers of Parole, as well as avoiding a Tartarus zone, a place where ghosts come after you and are extremely dangerous if you are not cautious.

In YNGTW we are introduced to characters who are most likely going to became more main stage characters in the next book, and the best thing about this novelette is that Ash and Annie both have disabilities, both visible and not.   The story gives these characters extra omph, letting us get to know them more than we did in the series of short stories before, and there is more tension in here, a thrill, hoping that the pair will make it to Dr Maureen Cole and get to bring her to Parole and yet knowing that the Tartarus Zone will be a big threat to them.

With all of Sylver’s books I find that she is inclusive, trying to bring more things into her books in regards to her characters which make a refreshing change. It’s not subtle, she brings it forth in a natural way, making her readers aware of the disability her characters and letting us know that her characters are aware with it too – of course the characters don’t find it’s easy to deal with, but they deal because they have to, because what else can they do? It’s just awesome to read in a series where so many other’s that are praised more that become movies, whereas a series like this, where the author is inclusive, in so many ways is just so enjoyable and is refreshing.

You’re Not Going That Way is available on Amazon.


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