Book Review: Chameleon Moon (Volume 1)


I know what you are thinking – at least if you have been a long time reader- ‘haven’t you already done a book review on this?’

Yes, yes I have indeed.  However the author RoAnna Sylver has changed up the book up from last time, adding extra depth to characters and giving the book a bit more of a push into the LGBT category, at least it seems so to my eyes – granted it has been just under a year since I read the non-canon version of this book.

Back on to this ebook though.

What is this novel about?

As is popular and has been for a while, it’s a dystopian novel, focusing on people who have become special – not because they were born that way – but because many of the people in Parole were dying and needed saving.  The cure was a drug, the drug of course has side effects, not the usual ‘this may cause nausea, please don’t use machinery when taking this medication’, but giving people talents, having a voice that can sooth people, creating mechanical life with just determination, reading minds ect.  Now the main thing to be clear about here is this is all happening in Parole – in the USA – nowhere else.  Because of people have abilities that are so… well unheard of, the city is put on lock-down ten years ago, and then, two years after that there was the fire.

Parole is a city that is burning underneath the people who live there.

That alone is enough to get anyone who is kind of bored of the same old dystopian novels a reason to jump onto this book series.  But wait! There’s more.

If you want a group of rag-tag heroes who are not of the norm, who don’t fall under the stereotype category and where no one is straight, this will be the perfect book for you.

Yes, no one in the ebook is straight… at least the main characters aren’t.

You have Polyamory relationships, bisexuals, lesbians, gays, asexuals and it just makes me feel joyful that there is a book that includes theses sexualities, puts them out there and doesn’t make it come across as forced, it’s brought out naturally due to the other characters.

Also did I mentioned our lead? The one on the cover with the pink hair is transgender? Yes, it’s never spoken of outloud, not character states it: ‘Yes, she is trans.’ But it comes across in such a tension filled scene between Evelyn and a family member.

Now the characters, they are more fleshed out this time round, with little extra bits of information that wasn’t there before that give more depth.

The main one that I remember is Regan – that’s the lizard on the cover, green, scales with pointy ears – I thought there was a hint of him being asexual, with Evelyn saying – I might have messed up this quote – ‘That’s just aces.’ or words to that affect.  Given at the time it was very LGBT still, but Regan was still a lost mind, not knowing who he is or was after his memories were taken.

Evelyn is out hero of the book, the Queen of being positive and upbeat, always trying to do the right thing and owning up to, as well as apologising when she gets things wrong.  However that doesn’t mean to say she is constantly on the happy, positive vibes kick, she still has her moments when she just… can’t get the energy to be upbeat due to so much being thrown at her.  Which does make her a pretty awesome character, is she flawless? No, and in the book it shows, but that is where her partners come in to play.

Rose a woman who has the gift of plants, as in she is infused with plants – the book explains it better than I could – She is also need mechanical legs to move around but that doesn’t stop her from living her life to the fullest.  Out of the trio, she is the most practical, she doesn’t resort to violence right away, instead she would rather talk things out, use words before fists, to think things through and get to grips with the problem in her mind before setting off on a certain course.  This is the woman who Evelyn, or indeed anyone really, can go to just to talk things out, a friendly ear to listen to your woes and giving out practical advice.

Danae is the final woman in the partners, fiery, with a past that gives her grief and more than likely some PTSD, she is the one who gives the passion, who tends to jump the gun and wants to fight or argue, unless the other two wives remind her why she shouldn’t.  She also has an ability, the create something more from machines.

Regan – who kind of reminds me, at least in looks, of Piccolo from Dragonball Z – is a man haunted by his past, literally.  He has panic attacks, anxiety and also some level of PTSD… the only problem is when his memories are taken from him by a ghost teen named Hans, he still has these troubles, but no idea why.

Together, along with other interesting characters within the book, the group need to find Regan’s memories, keep Parole safe, and keep themselves alive long enough to do it.

The book isn’t perfect, there is parts that feel like the Editior missed out on, however it’s not actually that much, it’s just mistakes that I found and took away from the story for myself.  Also if you are looking for a dystopian novel that has romance throughout it, or with heavy lashings of romance of any kind, this isn’t the book for you.  While there is love, affection and the like, it’s not over done, it’s established relationships that doesn’t need to be looked into here.

If you are after a book that focuses on a range of LGBT+ characters, with a dash of romance, a dolp of action and lashes of mystery, then Chameleon Moon  (Volume 1) is the book for you.

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