Book Series Review: Shadow Unit


Shadow Unit – 15 book series

Shadow Unit is a fairly long book series, created by Elizabeth Bear, Emma Bull and a team of authors through it’s 15 book run, this is a series that has had a lot of love, care, and planning put into it.

What is Shadow Unit?

It’s a fictional FBI Unit, dealing with crimes that cannot be explained easily.  For example, someone was shot dead by a gun in a school gym – however there is no bullet to be seen, and witness’ all say that they never heard a gun go off.  Or a bank robbery where the windows come crashing in, not due to any explosions, but the adhesive simply vanished.

Lead by the steely Stephen Reyes, this is a team that plenty of people have seen on TV, from CSI, to Criminal Minds, even The X Files all have some little hints within the series.

The characters are all fantastic, diverse, not just in race or sexuality but also in religion too.

While the sexuality of the characters aren’t always at the forefront of the stories or even the characters themselves – and that is how you get great characters without going overboard in regards to what kind of genders they are into – but for two of them, it’s something they are dealing with in regards to their personal life.  Religion also doesn’t feature too prominently, but for two of the characters it means something more than just having grown up with it and the little snippets of the characters lives between each story reflects that without being over baring.

It’s hard to talk about a series without giving much away.

What is safe to say that every character develops, changes and becomes more than they were at the start of the series.  Every character grows, some for the better and other’s for the worse.

If you become invested in the series – like I have – it’s hard to put the book/Kindle down.  Everything that is going on, you want to see the conclusion, you want a happy ending.

However the authors are very good at what they do.  Because in real life, how many people actually get a happy ending? And when you are in the FBI, well you are a high risk agent.

There are many characters in this series, the main team – those in the Shadow Unit – and then those who are outside it, whether it’s the victims or the people who have been influenced by The Bug, they are all part and parcel of the experience that is The Shadow Unit.

Every character is important to the plot, regardless of if they are on the Unit or if they are not, they provide something to the plot to keep it going, and everything is connected in some way or another.

The last book of the series is dramatic – although there are many painfully dramatic moments throughout the book, book 3 I believe is one that has no other stories, but instead is a full novel (almost) on it’s own.

A word to the wise, if you are going to read this book, read the first two in the series and see how it goes, but everything in the series links together in a long chain so don’t wait too long between each book to get to the next one.  You should also prepare for all the feels in regards to the characters in this book, you will most likely get wrapped up in them and even care for those that seem more like a robot than human.

Shadow Unit is a e-book reader only series and the whole series can be bought from Amazon.

Book Review Series is a new idea that I came up with, though am unsure how often I will be able to do something like this – given that reading this series took me about two months to do exclusively.  Regardless it was something different and was rather fun to recapture the series in a full run instead of reading the series in big gaps.



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