Book Review: Shadow Unit 15 by Emma Bull and Elizabeth Bear 

Shadow Unit the final book

After 14 books this is it, the final volume in this series.  Over the past few books we have gotten to know the characters, we felt their loss, the sadness, dispair, guilt and joy. We watched Chazz go through his own drama with his mother’s brother, which lead to several characters worry about him and indeed his gift that had become more advanced, we saw Duke retire and other characters shuffle about into new roles that they weren’t fully prepared for.

Of course, the series has had a few down points, with a new recruit joining the team in the last book – we don’t know him that well to feel anything for his character – the authors were clearly just dragging the book along, making sure certain stories were tied up as neatly as they could – although it did bring back characters from earlier on in the series, who I personally felt they should have had those stories sprinkled throughout each book so that the readers could remember who they were, although one was done rather cleverly – and this was the explosive end.

The Unit is one that no one knows about, the team deal with people with special abilities, with – as Hafihda and Chazz call them – The Bug in their head, telling them what to do, or else trouble will happen. The Bug feeds on sadness, anger, negative emotions, which fuels it and makes it stronger, giving the host less control and thus the Big takes over.  Hafihda and Chazz both have The Bug, they have separate skills though and it’s to different degrees of severity.

However the team together deal with people, who have The Bug in them, they try to take the people alive to get them to a special hospital that can help them in some way.

This final book though isn’t full of sunshine and happiness, all of that was in the first book, the books became more darker, more deadly, letting us readers know that people will die, and it could very well be one of our favourite characters.

Am sad the series had finished, although I felt the dramatic climax was a bit rushed and could have been paced out a bit better than it was. The ending was a nice touch, certain things are essentially going back to normal, while it’s not completely settled down and there is no guarantee that this won’t happen again.

It was a fun adventure, with the mix of XFiles and Criminal Minds rolled into one book – the team of authors were inspired by a variety of different shows but those are the two that stood out to me.

If you are a fan of crime drama, of the XFiles, of things that can’t easily be explained, then perhaps this is a book series for you to look into.


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