Book Review: Solaced by Lucy Williams

Solaced is true stories about the many people who have found a fashionable wardrobe as well as getting some relief from certain symptoms they face out with the corset.

Lucy Williams has her own YouTube channel which focuses on different corsets, her reviewing them and talking about the myths that surround corset wearing. In this book she reveals her own reasons for wearing a corset and opens the door for many other people to express their own love for the waist cinching garment.

There are sections for every medical alimentary that a corset had helped, improved and in many cases given people a new lease of life when previously they struggled to just get through everyday life.

Not all the stories have the writer wearing corsets every day, and indeed it varies from author to author, every story gives insight into how a corset helps people – particularly when it’s a properly fitting one and made to measure, but many of these authors have off the racks corsets to begin with.

It’s a delightful read, with many other factors of why people wear corsets instead of just simply being a fashion statement or for burlesque, this is a functions that these people found gave them some kind of reprieve and it’s heartwarming to find that they have found something that helps them.

It’s definitely a book to read if you are a fan of corsets or want to have a broader spectrum on what corsets are good for than just a simple slim waist.


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