Book Review: Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl

Cosmic Girl focuses on Britney Brookes, a normal paralysed school  girl who; when out on a school trip with her class to Washington; finds they have all been kidnapped and are having experiments done to them.  These experiments result in some of her class gaining powers they thought would only exist in comic books.

Now that they managed to break free, Britney is determined that those who brought them to that place to be experimented on will be brought to justice and creates an alter ego call Cosmic Girl.

The idea behind this book isn’t a bad one, and it’s good for young adults.  The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t have interesting or fleshed out characters.

Britney is paralysed and then she can walk again, we don’t really get too much of her feelings towards this, considering she has been unable to walk for ten years.  There is also the bad vibes between Britney and Jessica her older sister, but it’s never brought up why they don’t get on. Of course they are sisters but the way Jessica acted when Britney came back just didn’t seem like something a sister who bickers with her siblings would act

The we have the side characters, Michael is the love interest and he’s just there to look good, he’s flat and bland and sadly so are the other’s side characters.

None of them are interesting and they don’t give off the feeling that they could easily be people you know, they just are there.

The plot itself is very much decent, the idea on it’s own is interesting but the characters just let this whole book down.  None of the characters feel believable even if it is a young adult book, the characters should be important enough to want to breath life into them and make them feel real.

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