Comic Review: Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Having downloaded this comic a few weeks back, I was looking forward to reading about these two classics cartoons/movies getting a crossover comic together.

With Donatello having invented a teleported that can travel anywhere that you want to go – he’s a genius but he had April and a gentleman called Harold to help – it malfunctions when the switch is accidentally flipped and instead to traveling to another place in the world, they travel to a whole other dimension and a different New York.

Because of them traveling through dimensions instead of simply teleporting they have greater a gateway for a warrior God called Chi Yu who has been trapped in that void for many years.

The art is great, it’s not too complex but it gets the details across and it’s not overly cluttered. The turtles look great, the Ghostbusters look great. The detail like th panel above is just amazingly done.

It has to be said that this isn’t going to be the most thrilling of crossovers, you already get the gist of what’s going to happen, you have a rough idea of which characters are going to get on better with which, which was kind of bland and I wish they had switched it up a bit, because although entertaining and killing time, this could have been a really brilliant comic series.

The jokes are good though, we do get the one about the turtles names but done slightly differently:

And there was a few references to the classic 1987 cartoon of the turtles that would probably be missed by younger readers if they didn’t know that show.

Overall? It’s a good read, the plot is decent and the art style works well for both the turtles and the Ghostbusters.


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