Comic Review: Exiles: Point of No Return

exiles point of no return

Exiles: Point of No Return was very much the last stand for the Exile series.

Exiles began back in 2001 in the first issue of Exiles, which was based around 6 people who were taken out of their time line and sent off to other dimensions to righten those timelines, if they manage to fulfil the quota of fixed time lines then they get to go home and what disasters that could have befallen them or their loved one’s would be removed from play.  In the beginning this focused on Blink, Morph, Nocturne, and a few other characters who all changed from one point or another for various reasons.

Exiles: Point of No Return was a way to introduce new characters into becoming the new team, so that new readers could come into the comic and not feel rather left out, while at the same time an older and fairly popular character would join the team too, which allowed the long time readers to not feel too left out.

This could have worked, it could have worked really well, but given that this new series was cancelled it only had 6 issues that there wasn’t much to work with in terms of creating a better comic.  Which is rather sad since it could have been so much more.

The comic deals with roughly the same idea as the original Exiles did, they were all plucked out of their own timelines – the one difference though? These characters were going to die any way, so the time stream wouldn’t be badly affected by their loss and if they did die while on a mission, they wouldn’t have their body sent back home.

The characters are interesting, you have Blink who is fairly well known now due to the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, she’s a teleporter, but she can also teleport objects and groups of people too.  The Beast who is Hank McCoy, who is generally the strong muscle of the group and genius, Forge who can pretty much create many things.  Polaris who is like Magneto, she can use metal to her advantage.  The Witch, who can use magic/chaos to her advantage and finally The Panther, just like the Black Panther only that is his son.

exiles point of no return 1

The characters are fairly well developed here, although The Panther is probably the most so, he’s flirtatious, he is more of the joker of the team.  Polaris is trusting of her team and has faith in her team mates, even more so she has plenty of confidence in her own powers.  The Beast is an interesting character and we learn a lot from him in these six issues.  The Witch, we don’t really learn that much about to be honest, apart from she really isn’t that much of a people person and I get the feeling they added her in this to make the sisters swap happen smoother.

Considering this is a volume of all six issues, this doesn’t simply end with the final six comic, they include up to issue 9 in script at the end and some art work of the characters.  I do have to say though that I was slightly disappointed in issue nine and really wished there had been a bridge between issue eight and nine to fill up the gap of the Exiles realising there was a traitor in there midst.

Another thing that I noticed, there wasn’t a clear leader, in the original Exiles it took them a while to admit one of them should be the leader – because Blink came from the Age of Apocalypse world she was it.  Here there is no real leader, although I would say either Forge or Polaris would probably fit the bill more than Blink.

I do wish this series could be remade, with these characters because they were great! Maybe with more time to develop each personality and give more growth to what else is going on around them rather than 3 issues in, let’s bambozzle the new readership with all these links to the past Exiles that has over one hundred issues!

It’s a good enough read, some readers who are new to the Exiles franchise of the Marvel world would like it, possibly some people who are big fans of the Exiles would enjoy it too, but new readers? I would advise you read the original Exiles and see where that takes you.

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