Book Review: Fat? So! by Nicola Barry

Fat So

Fat? So! is a story about Lucy Latimer who finds that her weight is constantly on her mind.  She is a successful TV host, who is in a relationship and should be happy with her lot, but her fears and insecurity about her body is pulling her down and making her question what people really think of her.

Although the cover and indeed that blurb makes you think it’s about two women struggling with their weight, it is focused on Lucy and what happened in her childhood that caused her to become an emotional eater.

The other woman who should also have had a bit more focus in this novel is Dot, a successful psychiatrist who finds herself eating a lot more than she should due to many issues that were never really brought up that much in the book.

However the focus is on Lucy, we see her past, we learn of her family, and her younger sister Rowan who she – for reasons that are never clarified and make it really confusing for the reader – calls Becca.  Rowan also has emotional issues and could have been an interesting character to have learnt more about in the book had it not all been about Lucy and her problems with weight.  Although that is the whole idea of the book, it would have been nice to have read more about Dot and Rowan, two important characters in Lucy’s life and who should have been present more within the book rather than near the end.

Character wise Lucy is interesting, although her obsession with losing weight has put pressure on many things around her, relationships in particular.  She does need more sounding boards than just her sort of boyfriend and Dot though, Rowan being added to the mix would have given the sisters a clear sense of how their relationship worked in the readers eyes instead of just Rowan appearing every so often within the book and so she doesn’t really become an interesting character or one that the reader cares too much about.

Dot is more interesting, because she does get a little bit more time to grow as a character, not by much but a little bit.

The ending should be tearful and sad and yet, because we never clicked with them it doesn’t happen.

It’s a good read, it does get rather dull at times and also rather confusing too.  Rowan claiming that she had to bring herself up? When it was said that Lucy had to act more like the mother and father figure to her earlier on?

Decent to read, interesting characters but there could have been so much more to it than that.

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