Book Review: The Fire Bringers: I Bring Fire Short Story

I Bring Fire Short Story

The Fire Bringers is a short story by C. Gockel which reunites us with Amy, Bohdi and Steve, along with two new characters Henry and Amy and Bohdi’s child.

The story takes place 300 years in the future, after the fall of Odin and while it is nice to see how some of the characters are doing; in particular Amy and Bohdi, the characters that aren’t even in this book like Beatrice and Claire, even Fenrir don’t get a mention – okay, Claire does get a mention but we don’t see her – which feels a bit odd.  Beatrice was protective of Amy, she was close to her and she surely would want to be around her great grandchild too.

My main problem with this short story is, although enjoyable, it is set 300 years in the future, so everything is rather vague.  I am wondering what happened after the fall of Odin, of all the people who found themselves with magic and how did society react to that.  What kind of leader does Steve become, how does the rest of the group help him.

What happened to Fenrir? Why is the TV in Amy and Bohdi’s home have a link to another realm?

It’s a good read, but when you read it, be prepared to wonder all these questions and more.

I hope the author will return to this series and hopefully she will expand more in-depth of this universe, because it has been carefully crafted and I really want more from these characters.  That’s how good and invested I became in regards to this series.


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