Book Review: I Bring Fire Ragnarok by C. Gockle

I Bring Fire Ragnarok VI

The final novel in the series, I Bring Fire brings everything together in a neat package.  Yet that isn’t to say that the book is easy to guess how this will end.

There is still the cliche of ‘will they/won’t they’ with Amy and Bohdi, along with some surprising moments involving Beatrice, Steve and Sigyn and not all together.  The good part about this novel is, although it’s bringing everything to a head, you are still learning about new characters.  The marines who went with them all have their own quirks and we get to know them through the main characters, fairly well too.

In this novel we have Odin still hunting for Loki, not knowing exactly where he is, but is certain that he can find him; it shouldn’t be hard to find Chaos now should it?

We hear just how out of touch Odin really is, although many of his subjects are still blindly following him.  Except a few surprising characters, although perhaps not too surprising.

We also get to know Claire, Steve’s daughter and… well I have to say that I don’t actually like her.  She is a decent character though, as she is meant to be a child still and being thrust into this new world, where she and her father’s lives are at risk will certain make someone grow up a little bit faster.

Sadly I still don’t like Beatrice, she still annoys me and I miss her back in the first book, where she was more free.  However I suppose it is due to her regaining her mind and strength that she is more protective of Amy than before.

The conclusion of this novel is rather nice, it ends smoothly and we have a note from the author saying that she will return to these characters some day, but a break is needed when you have written so many books in regards to these characters – 8 in total, including the short stories.

Overall, if you want a less strenuous read, something with romance – but not too much  action, adventure and mystery all thrown in there, this could be a series to check out.


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