Book Review: Shadow Unit 7 by Emma Bull

Shadow Unit 7

The series continues onwards with this next instalment of the Shadow Unit, or the WTF to those in the know.  Shadow Unit focuses on a team of Profilers who deal with the nightmarish crimes that other’s in the FBI can’t, they might be part of the BAU but they are the one’s who deal with the anomalies.

With this being the seventh in the series, it isn’t one for new readers to dip into, particularly when the character’s have all evolved and two of the character’s are a bit different to what most people would think of, given that this is always visited and re-visited, it is important to look at the first book to understand what is going on and what makes Chaz and Hafidha so different from the other’s on the team.

Getting back to this novel though, like the other’s there are short stories which are all linked together.  The first story that comes out is a bit different, you don’t know who it is that is the focus of that story, all you know is that something isn’t right, something is wrong and they are not wishing to share it with their team.

Also a bit refreshing is that Solomon Todd, or Duke as he is sometimes known, gets more of the light in this book, which is a change, considering he is more of a sideline character in regards to the other’s of the team.  Todd is a character who many of the team don’t really know that well, although what they do know is that he tells tall stories all the time to them at least. Another point is that he is the best to get information out of people, he could probably have been an actor if he had tried when he was younger.

The story takes a huge twist near the end, very much something that you wouldn’t and didn’t expect to see coming.  Instead of adding another story to deal with the aftermath, the last story focuses of Reyes and Todd, back when they were first looking out for the anomalies.

What makes this series really enjoyable?

The characters, the fact that they make mistakes, the team are still rebuilding from Reyes major mistake, along with his own kidnapping, Chaz is still dealing with PTSD and everyone else is trying to figure out how to help them.  You also have Hafidha dealing with the loss of a partner and then dealing with everything else on top of that.

All the character’s are well rounded, even though I have felt that Todd has been left out of the whole evolution because he hasn’t had that much of a light shone on him.  I am looking forward to the next issue of the series, because this just keeps getting better.


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