Book Review: Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

Chameleon Moon

Chameleon Moon is an almost dystopia novel with a twist, it’s not a world under threat, it’s just a city.  It’s not a city simply under threat of the government body, it’s on fire, and the people there aren’t helpless, they are trapped within the city walls, unable to leave and a lot of them are gifted.  Some are look like lizards, some can see the future, other’s have incredible talents to create plant life.  The city they are trapped in is on fire and has been for the past ten years, but no one knows what started the fire, all they know is that any day the city will fall and everyone will die.  It is a city full of fear and anger, it’s a place where no one feels safe, any one with a gift is looked upon with distrust and the government keeps a close eye on them because one wrong turn and they could be killed, no second chances to be had.

What makes Chameleon Moon so different from many other’s that are around and super hyped?

The characters.

This isn’t a basic dystopia book with the main character falling in love and that is the conflict within the novel.  The main character Evelyn, doesn’t fall in love with anyone, at least not in the romantic sense of the word, she loves people as her friends, she wants to protect her friends, help them and help many people as she can because any day could be her last, could be their last and she doesn’t want to waste it.

The other good thing about this book is that it’s not about a straight couple.  In fact there are no straight couple at all in this book, everyone is either bisexual, or homosexual, or possibly asexual and it’s refreshing to see.

However if you are worried that this means that instead of a straight couple being the romantic lead it will be a gay couple, it’s not.  The romance isn’t what’s making the plot move, it provides insight to the characters that we meet, but it isn’t the main focus.  There is no point when there are characters wondering or questioning their love for another character – all the relationships regarding romance are all ready fully developed by the time we meet these characters.  There is no question at all that they are all in loving and caring relationships, the only time when they do worry about their partners is in regards to getting out of situations and seeing them again.

We also get a transgender character within the book too, although the change had been complete many years to this point so not much is really spoken about it, apart from later when Evelyn has to go home and face her cousin.

This book is a must for people who want to read something different, something that might have similar ideas to books that you have already read, but takes it to another level, makes it something brand new and hopefully other authors will see how amazing and fabulous this is, and think ‘maybe I should try a story that is more inclusive!’


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