Self Care: Off the Leash book

Off the Leash

Off the Leash isn’t a book that you can sit down and read from cover to cover.  In fact you could say it’s more like a humorous comic – the cover alone gives you an idea as to what the book will be like.

This book is actually the 2nd in the Off the Leash series, however it doesn’t really matter what order you look at it in, the pages are always short, the humour is swift and to be honest if you need something that will perk up your day, if you are feeling a little deflated, and rather important you are a dog fan or a dog lover, this book will definitely will be one that will make your day, or at least make you laugh/giggle/smile.

While it might not work all the time if you are feeling stressed out, it is one that does make you feel rather happy; plus if you are a dog lover, own a dog, are owned by a dog, dog sit, work with dogs, this book is going to connect with you in some way.  Chances are high that there will be many of these comics that you will go ‘my dog does that!’

Hopefully this book might brighten a day that is looking rather grey for you.

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