New Harry Potter book: The Cursed Child

The announcement on Wednesday 10th of February 2016 of a new Harry Potter book, while is The Cursed Child – it’s a book of the play that will be coming to the stage in the summer of 2016.

Many people are extremely excited about the reveal of this new book, the 8th in the series which finished 9 years ago – has it really been that long?


Many people have overlooked or have been too excited by the reveal of this new book – don’t blame them, because it has been 9 years! – that they missed a few… slightly important details in regard to this book.

J.K. Rowling isn’t the only author – the play is based on a story she has written but never released, whether this is due to her not being happy with it or that she wanted to do more to it will probably remain unknown.

That doesn’t mean she had nothing to do with the script, she had a lot of input into this new venture, but she’s a writer of novels, not play’s.  So she worked alongside Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.  Given that play’s work differently in regards to make it more fluid, Rowling would have been slightly, if not completely, out of her element, hence why Thorne and Tiffany were involved.  It should provide a rather interesting mix, a collaboration of minds to create something that sounds really interesting.

The book is not a novel.

Many people think that the 8th book is the next in the Harry Potter series.  In a way it is, but you wouldn’t be able to read this to your kids at night, or your partner, or if you read out loud to anyone at all.  This book is the script format, something that the people at Pottermore had to clear up on their Twitter page since many articles that have gone online don’t state that the book is a script of the play, but that it’s an all new book by J.K. Rowling.

This could actually be interesting to see though, and I would want to see it. I would possibly also want to read the script too because I am curious as to what is going on now for Harry, and figure out how the new generation of kids are doing at Hogwarts, what the next generation’s personalities are like ect.  I would also wonder if any schools would consider perhaps doing a small production of this play, maybe tweaking it here and there to work for them? Because that could be fun, if the kids of course know of Harry Potter and have read the books.

For more information about the new book visit Pottermore.

Who else is excited for this new book release? Would you go and see the play? Or would you hope they would make another movie of it? Finally are you part of Pottermore, the new version, has your house changed? Let’s talk all things Potter related.

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