Book Review: Chocolat by Joanne Harris


Chocolat is the first book in a series that focuses on traveller, Pagan and chocolatier Vianne Rocher and her daughter who arrive in a small, quiet village in France, where everyone goes to Mass and repent for their sins and outsiders are never allowed in.

This was the very first Joanne Harris book that I have ever read, since reading this I have gone through all her other books, all have been enjoyable and she is very much a brilliant author who should be widely known.

The book does focus on chocolate, the art of chocolate, but it’s not solely focused on food, while it is used as a link to Vianne to the villagers, she managed to ingrain herself on their way of life, learning many things from them and the villagers learn plenty from her too.

The book is delicately written, having domestic abuse brought up, over bearing parents, the letting go of the past, everything is written well and the characters really pop off the page.

The characters are the best thing about this book, they all stand out, although some have similar traits – because many people do have similar traits but they are never the exact same – every one of them stands out, you don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of characters in the book, they are all well thought out, well written and a joy to read.  You find yourself cheering them on, booing other’s and wanting to know so much more about them.

This book is a chick lit, there is no other way to put it, but it is so well written and so different from other’s that are out there that it needs to be read by those who aren’t fond of Chic Lit, just so they can see the other side of the genre.

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