Book Review: I Bring Fire: Warriors by C. Gockle

I Bring Fire Warriors 5

I Bring Fire: Warriors is the fifth part of the I Bring Fire series, focusing on Loki the Norse god of mischief, Amy Lewis a vet, Steve Rogers – no, not that Steve Rogers – and Bohdi Patel a thief and now the embodiment of chaos.

Loki is gone and everyone, humans and Asgardian god’s are looking for him, because whoever has chaos on their side will be the side that wins.

I never reviewed the last book, because I found myself not enjoying it as much as I should have and have done in the past and I couldn’t find anything that I could talk about in regards to reviewing it.

However this book is different – should also be noted that you really do need to read these books in order, otherwise you might get a little bit confused in what is going on in the next book – this book gives the romance, a will they won’t they moment, which was lightly touched upon in the last book, but more people are noticing the attraction between Amy and Bohdi.

The one part that I found annoying is Amy’s Gran Beatrice, while I do understand her protectiveness of her granddaughter, and her use of guns to keep her safe, I do wonder if she really doesn’t have any faith in Amy at all to protect herself or be smart enough to make the right decision?

Bohdi Patel annoyed me in the previous books, but he has been getting more of a personality in the last book and even more in this book and he’s a character that I am finding myself cheering him on.

Amy Lewis is a character who has got the most character growth; probably because she has been in every single book from the beginning.  She has gone from a naive young woman, to someone who is confident who she is and who takes her knowledge and uses it with confidence.

Steve Rogers is another character who has a bit more growth in this book, although what happens to him is a surprise, it’s his family life that comes into focus here and that is what is interesting about him in this book.

The rest of the character’s don’t really get that much growth, but these are the three main characters now and the growth that they all have through out the books is rather impressive, it also shows that Gockle has thoughtfully figured out these characters and what parts she wants them to play throughout the book.

The series is a great one to read, although some of the books are better than other’s, it’s definitely one that if you like a bit of mythology, a bit of mystery and excitement with a sprinkle of romance, this series will be one for you to try out.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: I Bring Fire: Warriors by C. Gockle

    1. You should. They are really very good, good humour and Loki is a stand out character in the first two books. It’s when he’s gone that it starts to flag a bit. At least to me, but definitely try the first book again.

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