Book review: Confessions of a Male Nurse

Confessions of a Male nurse

Confessions of a Male Nurse is written by Michael Alexander which chronicles his life as a young nurse in Australia, starting from being part of a gynaecology ward to everything inbetween.

While a previous review that I have written about a book similar to this – Blood, Sweat and Tea – this book is more about the troubles of working in a hospital and dealing with things that happen when nurses don’t have the equipment to deal with it.

This book gives a bit of insight into the nursing world, while Alexander does highlight the troubles he gets by being a male nurse, which is normally dominated by women and patients see it as a woman’s role, he adds in humour and warmth  to certain tales and yet in other’s you see the hard work that nurses have to go through.  These are the people who get to know the patients, who – even though they probably shouldn’t – do judge those they are helping, due to their attitude or knowing that them getting a new organ wouldn’t really do them any good because they are still addicted to whatever destroyed their own organ.

This isn’t going to be a book to read if you are wanting to read a book with humour, with warmth and to see the bright shining light of all the good hospitals and nurses do for their patients.  This does highlight that hospital’s need more attention and that the people at the top don’t really seem to care that much so long as they get money lining their pockets, as well as showing how the lack of nurses can and does affect the proper care of the patients.

I did expect to read a more light hearted book, but it was still an enjoyable read that everyone really should read if they enjoy non-fiction books.


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