Book Review: More Blood, More Sweat And Another Cup of Tea

More Blood

More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea is the second book in this series by Tom Reynolds.  This is a kind of biography and short tales of the work Reynolds does every day in the ambulance, thankfully if you have never read the first book you don’t miss anything when you read this book.

Book two is more up to date in comparison to the first book, with the new government in control and new systems in place for the NHS there is a lot more for Reynolds to talk about that the reader can see and possibly understand.  The best thing about this book is that Reynolds gives us a look into an area of the NHS that we don’t see, not even on the TV screen’s do we normally see documentaries about ambulance drivers, about how much they put themselves at risk, or that if they are given a call and are told they need to wait for back-up; they do actually wait for back up.  These people help to save lives, but they aren’t going to risk their own to help people, they don’t get paid enough to do that.

There is still ranting in this book, and no one can blame Reynolds for that.  The system that he has to work with isn’t working and if anything it’s putting more people at risk .

Best part of this book is that although there is plenty of rants, of people wasting the ambulance crew’s time, of the threats, there are stories in here to balance it out.  These are the stories that you want to here more of, the stories of how Reynolds and the ambulance crew saved lives, or who helped people who clearly needed help but didn’t know where to get it.

The stories and how Reynolds reacts to it makes this book series, the make your blood boil because of how people misuse the ambulance service, it makes you angry that the NHS is being run so poorly by the government in control and yet, you feel so glad that there are people who work in the NHS and who do care about the patients, who do their best to give the best treatment that they physically can even if they are exhausted and really just want to go home.

It’s reading these kinds of books that make you realise that the NHS isn’t the best medical care, because the people who run it at the top don’t really understand what it’s really for, but the people who work inside those buildings, the doctors, nurses, ambulance staff, reception staff, security ect, all do their best to provide the best care that they can for the people.


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