Book Review: Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls by Jes Baker

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is something like a self-help book, but you get added support and while there are parts in the book where the author suggests you try something different, she doesn’t demand you do it.  In fact she tells you to only do it if you are comfortable in doing it, yet she also assures you that the challenges she is giving out aren’t to demean you, but to give you the confidence to do it.

Jes Baker is a known for her Attractive and Fat campaign on Abercrombie and Finch back in 2013, as well as being a speaker at many universities across the US.

The advice that she gives out isn’t something that she came up with herself, in fact many of her own personal stories she shares within the book she also adds how she came up with being able to get help from other’s, whether it was from people or books.

The added bonus in this book is it’s not all about Baker, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but she spreads the spot light around.  Everyone who worries about their size isn’t a woman, or white, or straight; to make  the book more inclusive for those who aren’t any of these things, she has guest spots, people who tell their own side of the story and how they came to the conclusion that they needed to do something about it, or how they found a way to make their own mark and learn to love themselves.

That’s what the book is about most of all, to love the body that you are in, regardless of size or what it can or can’t do, Baker reminds people that their own body is an amazing things and should be treated as such.  Of course she also reminds people that it is okay to have off day’s, to have day’s when they really aren’t loving their bodies,but she has plenty of strategies for it and explains her own days of not feeling her own body.

If you are feeling the January blues about your own body and want to learn how to love yourself and even get some ideas of what to do for self-care – Baker advises that everyone should have self-care days, because everyone needs self love – then this is a perfect book for you!

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