Book Review: I Know What You Did Last Supper by Wayne Williams and Darren Allan

I Know What You Did Last Supper

The famous story of Judas Iscariot betraying Jesus is fairly well known, however in this book by Wayne Williams and Darren Allan, the story is changed up a little bit.

Judas still betrays Jesus, and Jesus still dies but instead these two authors make a sort of horror/thriller out of this book.  When Judas learns of two of his friends outside the apostle group have been killed, he receives a note which states that someone knows what he did, not only that but they are going to get revenge on Judas for what he did, by killing those around him, the people he cares about in gruesome ways.

The book doesn’t pull any punches, they give you graphic descriptions on how these people die, so if you do have a delicate stomach, this wouldn’t be an ideal read for you.

It is enjoyable to read a book about the Bible without any real Biblical messages in it, this is very much a horror story, while at the same time the reader, along with Judas, are trying to figure out who the killer really is.

The twist at the very end nicely ties everything up, plus the authors give Biblical reasons at the very end of the book for why they decided to go that route instead of picking someone else to be the killer.

A good read for anyone who likes a bit of a mystery and horror in there books.

I Know What You Did Last Supper is available on e-book for £5.99

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