Book Review: Shadow Unit 5 by Emma Bull

Shadow Unit 5

Shadow Unit 5 continues with the aftermath of the previous book in regards to Chaz Villet; this book once again focuses on Chaz and his healing, both physically and mentally.

There is other short stories in regards to what happened to Chaz in this book too, with his closest friends in the Unit, Worth and Gates, both getting short stories  with him, particularly Worth who does have medical background and knows how to help him with the physical therapy, although she obviously doesn’t do the actually therapy that he has to go through.  However it should also be noted that Chaz does have PTSD, which also needs to be dealt with.

With the PTSD that Chaz has, means that the team has to make careful choices in what cases he can be involved in, or if he should even be part of the field work.

This is where the team leader Reyes makes his mistake and his mistake could potentially destroy the team beyond repair.

During the past 3 books we see the cliques that form within the team, which didn’t cause any concern to those who were in charge of the team because they still came together as a team on the whole, the cliques were going to happen any way, but with Reyes mistake, the cracks form and so the team pull away from each other to protect those they care about within their cliques.

This isn’t a series that people can simply read in book 3 or book 4, because these characters develop through those books, there is development in the past books about each character; although there are certain books that go into more detail about other character backgrounds; like book 4 with Chaz for example.  But there is also another reason why you shouldn’t go into this series halfway through, the main reason being is that although the book seems like Criminal Mind – I have to say Chaz Villet reminds me of Spencer Reid – mixed with CSI, it’s something completely different and to fully understand what their jobs are and why they are called WTF, even why certain FBI agents they work alongside call their work place Down the Hall, it needs to be read from the beginning;  plus you get a good idea of how the writing usually goes, how mixed it is and what these characters are like on the job and off.

This is a series that I am always happy to read about and am hoping that other characters will get their own time to have a few stories dedicated to them, if just to let the reader understand them more than we do right now.

Shadow Unit 5 Kindle Edition for £2.26 – as of 10/1/2016


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