2015 Overview


The past 12 months of this blog hasn’t actually been too bad, I had vanished for a month back in July for personal reasons and then after September I disappeared for 3 months because of work and I wasn’t sure where I was wanting this blog to go, if anywhere.

Selfishly this blog is about me enjoying myself, talking about what I have read, be it books or comics and looking at what was enjoyable and what wasn’t enjoyable about them.

At the start of 2015 I had become a proper comic reviewer – didn’t last long – where I was given titles to read and was told to write reviews on them, to inject my personality into the reviews too.  That was fine, until I learned that someone would be reading over them to make sure they were good enough to publish – that wasn’t a problem either, if anything that would help me out on what to focus on and possibly make me a better reviewer, right? Well, not really.  When I write a review I try to put myself into the review, be it questioning something a character did or talk about how something just didn’t come across that well.  The person doing my review check just made me come across rather bland and dull.  In fact when I read over most of the reviews, they all felt the same way, unless they were the people who were the one’s checking the reviews in which case they did have personality to them.  I should also add here that although I was a comic reviewer for a website, no one was paid due to us volunteering.  It was fine, I got to read some new comics; Wicked and the Divine was introduced to me because of it, as was Goners – I even got a shout out from the writer of Goners, which made my day.

Goners #1

However all things must come to an end and I decided that I wasn’t really enjoying doing the comic reviews for them, if anything it made me feel like I was at school and handing in my essay to get marked and knowing that I would do badly.

I focused on this blog a little bit more, trying to balance comic reviews with book reviews.  There was a problem with this too though, I usually got my comics once a month, due to my having a standing order with my local comic store, so I would have a bundle of comics to review, but I would only be doing reviews once or twice a week.

Also I noticed that although I was reading a lot of books, all of them were Kindle books and the majority of them were free or cost less than £5.  Which again made me wonder where my little blog was going.  Perhaps my focus wasn’t mainstream, I liked reading free books or cheap books, certain books that were low priced brought me into a new reading experience like the I Bring Fire series by C. Gockle; and Shadow Unit which is a mix of supernatural with Criminal Minds and CSI.

So for 2016 I will try to keep doing two reviews a week, although most will be ebook reviews, however I will still want to review comic books too, hopefully issue one’s and volumes of them instead of single issues.

Here is to 2016, to keeping on track with reviews and not disappearing for months on end.


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