Book Review: The Life and Loves of a He Devil

This really is a memoir of a book instead of a biography, the nice thing about this is that Norton let’s the reader know that is what he is wanting the book to be about, stories about certain things that happened in his life, rather than a blow by blow account of his life up until now, or since his last book was out – which was a biography.
Here we read about these… I suppose you could call them life lesssons, although Norton might not have learnt that much from them until he reached his 50’s.
A fun thing about this book – no chapter is boring – nothing makes me want to skip a chapter, every chapter is enjoyable to read. I would say that one part is about diva’s, and Dolly Partion was mentioned in his last book, but this book goes into it a bit more, about how Norton found these diva’s one on one and how being called a diva isn’t a bad thing. Just trust me on this and read this part of the book, Madonna and Cher also are part of it.

Nothing in this book was too heavy, everything was light and in all honesty I could easily hear him read it out as I was reading it


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