Book Review: Talk to the Tail by Tom Cox

Talk to the Tail

Talk to the Tail is the second book of a series by Tom Cox, in the previous book Under the Paw: Confessions of a Cat Man we were introduced to Tom Cox, his love for cats, his childhood cats and his new furry housemates; The Bear, Janet, Ralph.  In this book we return to the furry household, with the new additions that were introduced, Bootsy and Pablo, along with Cox taking a step out of being a Cat Man, instead trying to bond more with his wife and going horse riding and bringing out his dog side.

Like the previous book there is a lot of hilarious things happening, the cats being their catty selves towards Tom and his household of human’s, along with Cox’s antidotes of what he thinks that cats are all feeding.  The Bear who played a big role in the last book, still plays a role here, but it’s more balanced out with the other cats, although The Bear is Cox’s favourite, there are moments to be focused on the other cats, particularly The Bears step-brother Janet, who are both getting on in years and both require medical help; in regards to taking pills.  Anyone with cats will know how hard it is to get cats to take tablets.

The book plays a good balance, although still focusing on cats, all cats, like the previous book, Cox has also balanced it out, with his wife’s love of horses he agrees to go horse riding; plus being given the offer to take a dog out for a walk he gets to see what it’s like to own a dog, without all the other negative parts – taking them to the vets and food bills.

The writing has grown more in this book, it’s humour is the same, but there seems something else within it that gives it an edge that the previous book didn’t have.  Of course if you want a book focusing solely on cats, you might want to miss this one, but if you want to learn about how the cats are all getting on as well as seeing Cox’s hilarious adventures in other parts of the animal kingdom, you should give this book a read.


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