Comic Review: Silk #5

Silk 5

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art by: Stacey Lee and Ian Herring

Silk issue 5 has Spider-Man team up with Silk to deal with Black Cat.  This issue doesn’t really have much focus on Silk’s own PTSD, in fact – which surprised me – it doesn’t even touch upon it, not even in the fighting scenes, when we have seen that is where it affects Cindy Moon the worst.

In the past few issues we have seen Cindy Moon/Silk trying to figure out what happened to her family after she locked herself away, she also has to deal with being a hero and having a job to balance everything out.  On top of that, after visiting the Fantastic Four to get some help with her ‘Silk Sense’, which doesn’t appear to be working properly, Reed Richard informed her that she probably does have some kind of mental health issue, although she dismisses that right away, because everything she has been doing a crazy person wouldn’t be able to.  Thankfully she has some friends that help to set her straight on that angle but she still doesn’t believe it.

In this issue none of that matters, in this issue it’s about Black Cat and stopping her from whatever she is trying to do.  With Spider-Man there to help her, Silk is face to face with Black Cat and we see who has the more superior skills.

The issue is fine, nothing dramatic is revealed until the very end, there isn’t much growth for Cindy’s character, but that is all right, because this is just moving the plot along for the next big thing in regards to her family.

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