Book Review: Shadow Unit 2 by Emma Bull

Shadow Unit 2

Shadow Unit 2 is a pretty awesome read, like the first book it follows roughly the same ideas, taking a group of agents, having them work together though they are all different personalities and making them be a team, being able to work well because of them all being different and having different backgrounds.  All of them work together for one reason, to stop The Thing, The It, the anomaly.  No body knows what the anomaly really is, but what they do know, is that it causes people to act a bit strange, doing things they wouldn’t normally do and to lose a lot of weight, then having to eat a lot to replenish the energy that they have lost.  They call these people gamma’s, and the Shadow Unit take them out, for their own and everyone else’s safety, although they do try to bring them in alive, but usually the people are so far gone and the anomaly has taken a tight hold that they have no chance of being stopped.

In the first book we were introduced to the characters through Daphne Worth, the newest recruit to the team, we see her interacting with the characters and getting a spin on how she find them, however it was still in the 3rd view point.

In this book we have a more solid hold of our characters, in the first ‘episode’ called Ballistic, which is the longest story out of all of them.  We find that the team is working separately on the case, with Brady and Lau dealing directly with the people, and then with the medic Frost; which almost cost them more than they thought it would. Although it again expand on the character and their own interactions.

The one character who never really made much of a mark is Solomon Todd, or Duke as he is sometimes referred to in the book.  A man who no one knows if what he is saying is a lie or the truth; not even the team leaders know if he is lying to them or not about certain things in his background; what they do know it, he is good at his job and can relate to people when they need it.

Nikki Lau and Falkner are the two character’s who get a bit more light shown on them, along with Chaz Vilette, although his is strung along and weaved into the episodes rather than making it all about him.

The extra’s that we get in the books are also interesting, they show other parts of the team, their lives outside of the job.  The first book was great, but the series is on going and it is going to be good reading!


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