30 Day Comic Book Challenge: Day 7

Day 07 – Favourite comic couple

I am never overly invested in comic book couples.  Chances are they are never going to stay together or something will tear them apart, because drama!

However I did have a couple that I loved back in the day.

Nocturne and Thunderbird from Exiles; had to be said, there is still angst and drama in this too.  Although I did like Blink and Mimic, I found myself liking the way Nocturne and Thunderbird slowly got together.  Probably because it could be either friendship or more, whereas Blink and Mimic it was more of the will they/won’t they situation.

These two were just… so cute together, it was adorable and just lovely.

Thunderbird and Nocturne

Thunderbird and Nocturne1

Thunderbird and Nocturne2

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