30 Day Comic Book Challenge: Day 6

Day 06 – Most annoying character

I wouldn’t say that there is a character that annoys me, but there are characters that I simply don’t get.

Spider Gwen

Yes, Spider Gwen is on here.  I tried to read her series, I think I have a couple of reviews of that, but she just seemed bland and I really just didn’t get on with her character.

I might try to read her series again though.



I have read X-Force and Marrow was just another character that I didn’t get.  The reason why she was behaving in such a way was explained, but she just annoyed me, although it’s just me not getting the character.

I think that’s why I am… not overly fond of these characters.  It’s a hard one to do today, considering it’s hard to find a character really annoyed me while reading, since they add something to the story they are in.

Is there really such a thing as an annoying character? Or is it just a character that hasn’t been written that well?

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