Book Review: Under the Paw by Tom Cox

Under the paw

‘Being a heterosexual man and admitting to another heterosexual man that you like cats can feel a little like telling him that you still sleep alongside your childhood collection of teddy bears, or that you think his knitted wait coat is ‘cute’.’

The prologue to this book of a Mad Cat Man – the not as well known version of Mad Cat Lady – a man who lives with

‘a dozen miniature versions of Mariah Carey.’

It gives an insight to where this book is going and why.  The clear statement is that Cox wants readers to be more aware of Mad Cat Men; those males who love and adore the demanding, diva like attitudes of the small furry kind.

Under the Paw is comforting, witty, heart-warming in many places, hilarious in other’s particularly when you understand the sounds that he is describing of his cats grooming themselves at the same time; as well as being heart-breaking.  The way it’s described as not simply being a pet owner but a cat owner is written perfectly.  Although it could be said of most pets, that the human’s don’t own them, but the animal owns the human.

The stars of this book, part from Tom Cox and his partner, are Janet, Ralph, Shipley and The Bear, along with many other cats that come and go within this book.

Although it has to be said that in this book, the main star, not including Cos himself, would have to be The Bear – also the star of the cover – a cat that is referred to by the author as a poet, a sensitive soul and reading through the book you can see why he thinks that way.

The Bear comes across as being more refined than the other cats – or step brothers as they are called – he never kills anything, not mice or birds, he doesn’t bring any of them into the house half alive either, he also has a habit of looking at you, as if he can see your own soul and judge you on it.

The book feels like a bounding experience, particularly if you own a cat, because the things that Cox talks about here, you would never talk to another cat lover about out loud.  it’s a brilliant read for animal lovers who want something a bit different, who don’t want to have too much story and want a bit of a balancing act between human and cat in their book.

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