Comic Review: A-Force #2


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Maguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson

Penciler: Jorge Molina

Inkers: Craig Yeung and Walden Wong

Colourist: Laura Martin

In the previous issue of A-Force, we saw the team protect Arcadia from a strange monster attack that lead to America’s exile, due to not following the rules that Doctor Victor Von Doom had placed.  In this issue we see the effects it has on her foster sister, Nico Minoru and what strange happenings have continued on in Arcadia, along with the continuation of the investigation that She-Hulk has requested the Sub-Mariner’s on.

Here in this issue the character development is focused more on Nico and the new friend that she has found who fell from the sky.  Still reeling from America’s exile, blaming it solely on She-Hulk, she tries to keep her new companion a secret for as long as possible.  In the mean time there has been portals appears, one that appeared to be linked somewhere else, although the Sub-Mariner’s couldn’t get close to it before it disappeared.

The continuing story is interesting and it’s good that they allowed Nico to have her own time to wallow in the loss of her friend and sister; right now it’s more about getting the plot moving before we can get into anything more interesting.  The character set up is interesting and there does appear to be some conflict between She-Hulk and Medusa, which is understandable, considering Medusa had been ruler of her people and She-Hulk somehow managed to take that pride of place from her – needs to be mentions Doom placed She-Hulk into that position.

The art is glorious, simple and yet the details are all there, every character has expressions that match the words they are saying, dismay, fear.  The colour is brilliant and the new character that is introduced is beautiful to look at and also appears to be rather child-like.

I hope certain background characters do get to do more in this comic, Loki has appeared twice but never had much to do, except give some advice, Dazzler looks like she will play an important role, given that in both issues she was a talking character although secondary, perhaps a link between herself and the new character?

I am looking forward to the next issue of this series, with the focus appearing to be more on family and friends than it would be on romance.


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