Book Review: Dreamer (The Kali Lockton Trilogy) by J.L Durfey


Dreamer is a trilogy focusing around Kali Lockton, who is 24 years old who has dreams that are actually visions of the future, the only problem is that her visions aren’t clear when they will take place, and no one believes her when she tells them.  Throughout her life she finds herself being ridiculed and looked down upon by the people she speaks to about her visions, her parents and even her best friend who look at her with sympathy that she believes in her dreams so badly.

When she meets a handsome detective called Jared, she finds herself not only attracted to him, but she also trusts him enough to tell him about her dreams.

There are plenty of other characters in this book, Kali’s parents are shown as she goes to have lunch with them, we learn her father is very much a strict Christian man, which was passed on to Kali, her mum who is wanting the best for Kali, but also wanting her to settle down and stay near them.  Her best friend Abbey, who is very much a serial dater, bouncing from relationship to relationship – although there are moments when I do wonder if Kali does actually respect Abbey since she kept calling her a slut and whore for part of the book.  Really? Do you have to call your best friend a whore? Isn’t she happy with who she is, regardless of the fact that she goes out with a lot of men? Shouldn’t you be okay with it, so long as she is protected and safe? That was the main grip I had about their friendship.  There is also another handsome man who seems to be a slight rival to Jared in regards to Kali’s affections; Alex, a man who isn’t what he seems and although Kali is attracted to him, doesn’t seem to know if she can trust him as well as she does Jared.  There is also Emery who comes in near the end of the book, however we learn fairly little about her except that Jared states that she is on their side.

The plot is fine, although it does take a while to see exactly where it is going, the first part of the book is very much about Kali and her life before she met Jared and how he has opened her eyes about what her visions could truly mean, not only for her but for everyone.

There was moments in the book when Kali is very much the damsel in distress, but she is in distress and she is a damsel, and she cannot fight what is going on around her, but Jared can and does.  No complaints there, because the author made it clear that Jared isn’t what he seems, nor is Alex or Emery.

While Jared is meant to be the leading man, I find that Alex seems to be more interesting, given the fact that he essentially has an army behind him – which makes the reader wonder, why? What is he planning on doing with an army? What plans does he have for Kali? And why is he also attracted to her? Or is he at all?

If Jared meant to be the white knight, all that is good and holy, Alex is meant to be the bad boy – probably with a good heart though – to make this trilogy become a love triangle.

While I did enjoy the book, it was interesting and fun, there was moments where it seemed rather dull.  Alex and Kali talking should have been funnier, considering Alex has a way with words and can tease Kali, when really it was just bland and the author instead made him come across as rather threatening but all Kali had to protect herself.

Again there was the whole calling Abbey a slut, whore, which just didn’t sit well for me.  Considering they had been friends for some time, why would you call your friend that? It was made worse by the fact it wasn’t said in a teasing way, but literally a way of putting Abbey down.

I do hope that the books won’t turn out to be a ‘stay pure for the one you love’ and don’t give in to temptation, because the books should be more about Kali and her power to see the possible future, rather than sex and love, which to me should be secondary.


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