Comic Review: Jem and the Holograms #3


Publisher: IDW

Writer; Kelly Thompson

Artist: Sophie Campbell

Colours: M. Victoria Robado

Issue 3 of Jem and the Holograms picks up right where they left off in the last issue, no beating around the bush here for the drama and antic’s, particularly if the Misfits, and more importantly Pizzazz, is involved.

Interrupting the hang out between Stormer and Kimber, the Misfits cause trouble, although they later claim it was to save Stormer’s face, after all she was the one who was having coffee with one of the Holograms.  The atmosphere was well done, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for Stormer in that position and you could see why she doesn’t really stick up for herself as boldly as her other three band members.


There is also Jerrica’s date with Rio, which is as normal as a date could go really, although you can see the bond they are building; you do wonder how many bumps are going to come along the road to make the relationship become stronger, if with a few cracks.

There is also a new character introduced on the Misfits side of things, who will play a pivotal role in the next issue, along with her friend.

Aja and Shana still got a bit of room in this issue, with Kimber asking them for advice in dealing with Stormer, not in a bad way, but since Kimber fled the scene – for good reason – she wants to apologise and set the record straight.

Hopefully in the next issue we will see Aja and Shana get more of the spot light, although it is only the 3rd issue so perhaps it’s not that bad; though we have learnt more about Roxy and Jetta in this issue than we have of them.

A plus for this issue is a letters page; which might seem odd, but this letters page is full of people who used to watch the show, who are praising the comic, the writer and the artist for a job well done, yet the publisher’s aren’t afraid to bring out the letters that don’t like it either, but it does serve a good point to be made; the cartoon was amazing, out there and full of 80’s glam, the comic has to change that kind of idea, mix it up to make it fit with the present day.  Keeping with the theme of the holograms and making Jerrica become Jem, it make’s it feel like a proper music industry.  Sure things are lacking, like Jerrica isn’t a know-it-all business woman who inherited the company from her father – that really wouldn’t have made too much sense really, she’s be the CEO, but the amount of share holders would have stopped her from doing a lot of things that she did in the cartoon.

Here’s hoping the next issue will be as brilliant and fun as this one has.


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