Book Review: Fire & Ice Book 1 by Patty Jansen

Ice and Fire

Fire and Ice is book 1 of this series, focusing on a revolution that is bound to happen, that has to happen for the good of the world.

Tandor is the grandson of the former King, he is a man who wants revenge, not only for himself and his family, but for his kin.  He is an Imperfect, one of the few people who can see and control icefire, an energy that allows them to use it as they will.  Imperfect’s are born with disabilities, although some can easily conceal that to appear normal, at birthy if a child is found to be disabilites physically they are left out on the ice to die, because the Knights who essentially rule the land through the Queen, fear the Imperfects.

The Queen is a young teenage girl, who has always been kept under house arrest, never to go out into the streets or see her people, she isn’t even allowed to take part in the rule of her own kingdom.

Isandor is training to be a Knight, even with a false leg, which he conceals with icefire, he managed to fit in with the other’s, doing his best and seeing a bright future for himself.

All that changes though, things are coming to a head, the Knight’s are trying to find out how to control the icefire, the power that they fear but now have a general idea of how to bend to their own will, Tandor is well aware he is running out of time as well, with the children he had saved and gathered taken from him, brought to the city where icefire is strongest, he fears his plans are all but lost.

With Ruko, a boy who isn’t there, Tandor has taken his heart, to use as he wishes, he’s powerful and yet a mystery to many.

The book is good, it’s an interesting read, but there are times when you wish it would get on with it, the Queen is brought in at the middle of the book, and there is so much mystery around the former King, nothing is truly explained in much detail.

The ending seemed rather rushed and would have worked well if it had been left as a cliff hanger instead of suddenly getting the two teens together and working together without any trouble at all.

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