Comic Review: Jem and the Holograms #2

Jem and the Holograms 2

Publisher: IDW

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Sophie Campbell

Colours by: M. Victoria Robado

In issue 1 of Jen and the Holograms, we find the band unable to make a video because of Jerrica Benton getting stage fright, unable to preform before the camera’s.  Given that they are wanting to take part in the Misfits vs competition and it;s the last day of entering, everyone is feeling the pressure.  Luckily Jerrica meets up with an invention of her father’s which gives her an alterego, making her look completely unlike herself and allowing her to go on to make the video with the band.

The previously page, which is just one page, will be confusing if someone has just picked up this issue, although it will be easy enough to fill in the gaps, it doesn’t give enough information of what exactly happened in the last issue to make new readers feel comfortable with reading this issue, of course this is issue 2 so they could pick up the last issue if they wanted to.


In this issue we meet the Misfits, which doesn’t mean that we won’t see Jerrica and the Holograms though.  With another group of people into the mix it makes the comic far more lively than in the first issue.  Tensions run high when the Misfits, namely Pizzazz, learns of the Holograms video getting loads of votes, the rest of the band seem to just follow her lead in her dislike of them.

The art work is beautiful, colourful and vibrant, the story telling is going somewhere and it’s not afraid to show character’s being attracted to each other, male or female which is rather refreshing.

There are some new character’s, outside of the Misfits, who you get a sense that they are going to cause trouble later on.  Rio turning up is interesting, and he should be a character to watch out for; I doubt he will be much like his cartoon counterpart, and Ashley, a young girl for the local community centre will probably cause some kind of drama for the Holograms later too.

Over all a brilliant comic to read if you are wanting some 80’s cartoon reminders, but with a better plot and brought right up to date.

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